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Meet Our Trainer

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As a lifelong lover of dogs, PK transformed the hobby into a profession in 2013. His training style integrates the latest techniques, humane practices and a balanced approach which is based upon a unique marker system that reduces frustration and confusion between dog and handler. It is PK’s mission to help facilitate harmony between handler and dog. He sees Offset’s training as a lifestyle for both dog and owner where they are eager to set an example for the canine-human bond through growth, learning and enjoying life in tandem. PK believes dogs deserve the best possible training as they do so much to enrich our lives.  Prior to making dog training a career, Phillip was studying his leadership and teaching techniques through his work with people in marketing and becoming a sales leader. He grew up studying martial arts and worked towards achieving a third-degree black belt, in which he also coached hundreds of students of all ages in the study he ran. His discipline and attention to detail shows clearly when working with dogs and their owners whom he focuses on communicating effectively, motivating and educating at every lesson.


  • Mike Suttle marker Training, Detection and Bite Development

  • JASD PSA Club Member and Training decoy

  • Certified PSA decoy 

  • Awarded top decoy 2021 California trial

  • Tarheel obedience training shadow course 

  • Sean Edward decoy development seminar 

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